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How to play Episode Mod apk

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This new mobile game by Episode Interactive will delight those who are interested in the life simulation gameplay of Choices Stories You Play. Enjoy the amazing gameplay and stories that Episode Choose Your Story offers. Enjoy the freedom to explore and live life as it is while you are their main character.

You can create your characters and allow them to experience the many aspects of life as you explore Episode – Choose Your Story. Enjoy many romances, adventures and dramas as you have fun. Explore the infinite possibilities of the game and create your own stories.

Read our reviews to learn more about this incredible life simulation game.


Android gamers will have access to an incredible collection of exciting and fascinating journeys on their mobile devices. Episode Mod Apk Latest Version 2022 allows gamers to share their amazing life stories in multiple settings and scenarios. Enjoy a range of romances, adventures and mystery stories on your mobile device.

Gamers can also create and design their characters to tell their own stories on every journey. You can customize your characters as you wish and be the director of your stories. Enjoy amazing gameplay and incredible adventures as you dive into the game.

Episode – Choose Your Story allows Android gamers to choose their stories and how they approach the game. You’ll have a lot of fun exploring the amazing gameplay of life simulations in different scenarios. You won’t be bored with the new stories that are added every week.


This is where you’ll find all of the thrilling features that the game offers:

Easy and accessible life simulations that all gamers can enjoy

Episode – Choose Your Story gives gamers the chance to experience life simulations that are fun and engaging with easy and accessible gameplay. You can create your characters and choose your favourite stories and then dive into each one as you enjoy the fun gameplay. You can explore the 100,000 stories available in Episode – Choose Your Story every time you return to the game.

Make your avatars and personalize them.

Android gamers can also freely customize their characters with different traits and features, starting in Episode – Choose Your Story. You can customize and personalize the game to match Avakin Life.

You can enjoy Episode – Choose your Story with your unique characters. You can change your facial features, choose from different hairstyles, cut and customize your eyebrows and adjust the heights and noises of your sound. You can also create your own sexy pair of lips. You can make the most of the customizations available to show off your unique characteristics.

Join multiple stories and meet many fascinating characters

For those who are interested, there will be a lot of fun and exciting gameplay in life simulation. There are many compelling stories and many great characters. You can have multiple interactions with your characters. You can develop friendships, rivalries or romantic relationships with certain characters. You can choose your friends and enemies as you like while enjoying the game in many ways.

Guide and shape the stories on multiple paths

Episode – Choose Your Story allows gamers to create their own stories and have them experience them in different ways. You’ll be presented with multiple choices and dilemmas throughout the game to help you progress through your in-game adventures. Enjoy Episode – Choose Your Story’s amazing gameplay and discover multiple endings for each of the choices you make.

Create and publish your stories

For those who are interested, you can also write and design your stories in the game. You can create your own adventures and publish them as you play the game. Enjoy creating your own stories and sharing them with friends and other Episode – Choose Your Story gamers.

Get tons of fascinating stories and amazing setups.

Android gamers will enjoy tons of stories from both the series’ creators and other online publishers around the globe. This will help you on your amazing journey into Episode – Choose Your Stories. You can also create your own stories to become a great publisher, as we have already mentioned.

Let’s first take a look at the best Episodes in the game.

These stories are only a few of the many great stories you can enjoy on your mobile device. Episode – Choose Your Story is a lot more enjoyable as you go. You can play as many characters as you like, discover interesting stories, and have fun with the game.


Episode – Choose your Story has many amazing features. But, you can still find your favourite mobile game free on the Google Play Store. All you have to do is download the game and install it.

Unlocked gameplay with our mod

We also have the complete unlocked gameplay of Episode: Choose Your Story available for you to play with our modified version. This will allow you to enjoy the full game, unlimited purchases, no ads, and much more. You can download the Episode Choose Your Story Mod Apk from our website.

Sound and visual quality


Enjoy the amazing world of life simulation gameplay as Episode – Choose your Story takes you on a journey through the in-game adventures. Enjoy the engaging stories created by your beautifully-designed world and stunning in-game graphics.


Episode – Choose Your Story has powerful sound effects and music that will hook you. You will be captivated by the music and stories while being fully present in the game.

Download Episode – Choose Your Story latest 23.20 Android APK

Episode – Choose Your Story gives gamers access to the enjoyable and entertaining experiences of life with many interesting stories to choose from and enjoy. The best part is that the gameplay is completely unlocked and available for free to all gamers.

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