A Week in the Life of an MBA Student in UK

A Week in the Life of an MBA Student in UK

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MBA Student in UK

It was a significant decision to decide to pursue an MBA, but it was just the first of many to come. Where I wanted to study was the first practical decision I had to make. I had to choose not only which of the innumerable MBA in UK for Indian students’ programmes best fit my interests, but also where I wanted to reside while studying because there are superb business schools in the UK, Europe, and others. I chose London because I thought it would be fascinating to learn about one of the world’s biggest financial centers while I was studying. Here are explanations of a week in the life of an MBA student in UK you should know before choosing.


In addition, I chose to enroll in full-time classes rather than juggle part-time classes with my job. Due to the high cost of MBA programmes, it has been challenging for me to finance my education; nevertheless, by combining savings and a bank loan, I have been able to do so. Successful MBA graduates can anticipate a considerable increase in salaries for the remainder of their working careers, which is something I view as an investment in my education, here are the explanations overseas education consultants.

So, this is a week in the life of a London-based MBA student. This typical week demonstrates how my MBA experience combines networking, study, and enjoyment.

Week in the Life of an MBA Student in UK


My first year in London is in its spring term, and I have gotten used to the pace of the curriculum. After taking a few days off to recover after my first examinations and assignment submissions in January, I am back in class, reading for and preparing for seminars, and starting my next set of papers. After a short breakfast at write for us education my student housing in Camden, north London, I leave for the city center to spend an hour or two in the library before going to my 11 a.m. Monday Financial Accounting course.

After the seminar, I have lunch at one of the nearby cafes that cater to college students before meeting with a study group with whom I am working on a presentation on venture capital. The course includes a lot of group work, which I like because it’s a fantastic way to meet people and cultivate potential business relationships. After a brief trip to the gym and some afternoon work, I leave for home.


I attempt to make use of some of the benefits of being a student once more, even if the burden is far higher than anything I was used to as an undergraduate and comparable to the hours I was working at a bank before taking a break to return to study. I frequently attend the Debating Society sessions on Tuesdays, which helps me practice public speaking and keeps my political knowledge current. I participate in debate tournaments across the nation with the society, and since one is this weekend, I want to prepare. After the society meeting, we go to the student union pub for a few beers and a conversation because joining student societies is a great way to meet people outside of your course. I leave after two because I have an early morning start.


I have an appointment with the careers service this morning to go over my job prospects after getting my MBA. I leave the institution bursting with ideas because the advisory services are superb. I sat down with my laptop and a cup of coffee to make sure my CV is portraying me in the best light possible after receiving one recommendation to work on it. After an afternoon seminar, I read up on some material for my Financial Modeling class.

I’m going to a drinks event in the evening that the institution is hosting for MBA students to meet recruiters from city financial firms. These kinds of networking opportunities are essential for getting the most out of an MBA because they can open doors to potential future careers. It’s been a good evening because I depart with the business cards of numerous recruiters and the promise of meetings to talk about job options.


I use the opportunity to experience London life whenever I can. It’s a great area to live in, and I’m enjoying getting to know it a little more. I made the decision to walk through my new Guest posting sites neighborhood of the city this morning to get to university because Camden, where my housing is located, is a vibrant part of north London full of independent stores and hip bars.

I’m taking technical classes today in the computer lab where we’ll be practicing financial simulations and advanced Excel techniques. I can customize my education at business school to fit my interests and skill set, and because I want to work in finance after I graduate, I have taken a lot of computer- and numerical-based courses.


My group’s presentation on venture capital is today. Although I typically wear casual clothing to class, presentations count toward my final grade, so I feel it’s necessary to present myself in a professional manner. I put on my suit and tie and looked through my notes one last time before meeting my group and making the presentation. The professors present us with some challenging questions, but we handle them reasonably effectively and receive generally favorable evaluations. It’s a demanding yet incredibly satisfying way to finish the week.

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